Personal Concierge Service

Concierge Communication will assign to each customer a bonded and screened personal concierge who is responsible for handling all aspects of your communication needs, including equipment training, quarterly on-site visits and 24-hour-a-day phone and email support.

Quarterly on-site visits include:

  1. Initial equipment delivery, set-up and training at your chosen location
  2. Exchange primary and backup BGAN rechargeable batteries with properly charged and conditioned batteries.
  3. System firmware upgrade (when needed)
  4. Training refresher and update for family members or associates
  5. Deployment of entire system and testing of all equipment and network connections
  6. Immediate substitution with company equipment for any equipment found not to be operating properly when deployed and tested during Concierge visit.
  7. Repair of equipment to factory specifications (equipment returned on next Concierge visit)


Alan FarberPersonal Concierge Service