The Equipment

The Concierge Communication Satellite System is a fully self-contained system in two ruggedized weatherproof cases. The system includes:

  • Portable BGAN satellite system
  • Telephone, Wi-Fi hub and all necessary cabling to enable phone calls and internet access
  • Spare battery, A/C power supply and cigarette lighter adapter
  • Portable lithium polymer battery backup system with solar power recharging capability. The battery will run the entire system for 12+ hours between charges


When we first arrived in Haiti after the earthquake hit, there were no telephone lines, no internet connections, and no satellite connection …conditions were rudimentary and the task that lay ahead of us was immense,” said Oscar Caleman of the UN World Food Programme.

Immediately following the disaster, two teams of telecommunications and technology experts from Telecoms Sans Frontieres (TSF) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) deployed to Haiti with support from the UN Foundation .

From the epicenter of the crisis, both teams set up satellite-based phone and internet lines for UN and other humanitarian groups struggling to communicate and coordinate the distribution of vital aid and supplies.

In addition to providing crucial technology for aid workers, TSF also offered survivors the chance to call family and loved ones for the first time since the earthquake hit. In the three weeks after the disaster, TSF used mobile satellite equipment to provide free, 3-minute international phone calls to more than 5,000 families.”

-From the United Nations Foundation website, excerpt from the article Communications Saves Lives, Brings Hope After Haiti Earthquake

* Télécoms Sans Frontières or TSF (English: Telecoms Without Borders) is a humanitarian-aid non-governmental organization s pecialized in telecommunications in emergency situations.


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