Why and How

When disaster strikes, communication ceases; no cell service, no internet connection, no landline, and often no electricity. Most people will be left dependent on the government or other assistance organizations for current information.

The protection of your family and the continuity of your business is of paramount importance. Under these extreme circumstances, it is vital for you to maintain the ability to communicate.

The Concierge Communication System empowers you to stay connected. This reliable one-of-a-kind system includes:

Portable Satellite Device allows you to place phone calls anywhere in the world and connect to the internet for emailing and accessing the internet to obtain the most current information about the crisis.

Portable Green Energy System with Solar Recharging Capability will keep your systems powered-up regardless of what might happen to the power grid.

Personal Concierge Service, available exclusively in Southern California, ensures that your system is operating properly and that you have the necessary training and support to operate your equipment under adverse conditions.





Alan FarberWhy and How